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Bucket of Drakgo!

 photo Drakgo-Honeymoon_zpse6a0cb69.png photo 67eea6b9-a0d8-42a1-8d8c-df86f33e3457_zps4a571117.jpg photo ShegoxDrakken-Nuzzling_zps536b81a9.png photo SupremeKisses_zps59a421ad.png photo EnoughTalking_zpsd245f459.png photo DrakgoWeddingcopy_zps6ccc8aab.png photo Gotcha_zpsfafb4f3f.png photo FallinginLove_zps11e55b2c.png photo tumblr_mmgvwuNL8R1r6wox5o5_r1_1280_zpsb4d433fb.png photo Greenlovies_zps552ae507.png photo Drakgoweddcouple_zpse51c13de.png


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Lova Gardelius
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
17 year old Aspie who draw My Little Pony stuff for fun, sometimes Kim Possible and political art too.

Alright Bronies, please help me come up with some concept ideas for my next fanart... 

6 deviants said *Comments*


Commission list
Five nights WIP by Gardelius
Drakken x Shego sketch by Gardelius
Two Faces by Gardelius
Camp Fire Stories WIP by Gardelius
Fluttershy And Angel - Glad Sommar 2014 by Gardelius
Skull Lady by Gardelius
Full artwork = 100 points (14.34 US Dollars, 100 kr)

Coloured lineart with shadow, with or without shine effect, no background = 64 points (9.18 US Dollars, 64 kr).

Coloured lineart = 50 points (7.17 US Dollars, 50 kr)

Lineart = 24 points. (3.44 US Dollars, 24 kr)

Sketch = 10 points. (1.43 US Dollars, 10 kr)

PS. Half of the money will go to charity. And the artwork must be SFW.


Happy Nightmare Night 2014 + Speed Paint by Gardelius
Happy Nightmare Night 2014 + Speed Paint
Sweetie Belle as a wizard from Magicka, with the concept idea by :devdrweegee1337.  

Magicka (c)  Arrowhead Game Studios.
Art (c) me.
Refs used for character designs.

Speed Paint ->…
Pony Sketches done in Flash by Gardelius
Pony Sketches done in Flash
1. Lauren Faust creating the world of ponies. It's been a while since I drew her.
2. Fluttershy wearing a laurel (tehe) crown.
3. Derpy Hooves thinking that she is a dog.
4. Rainbow Dash fighting a biblical angel (yes, you read that right, biblical).
5. Pinkie Pie enjoying a cupcake. Don't get any ideas...
6. Apple-Jack in the rain.
7. Twilight Sparkle being a cutie.
8. Rarity surely knows that diamonds are a mare's best friend.
9. A tiny Spike being so happy for his diamond so he turned Japanese.

Can't wait to get back to draw some stuff of these guys.

Characters (c) hasbro.

To Do list

:icondrunkenoni:'s Fursona with an Autumn
background with a raven = Done! :star:

Concept ideas by fans.
:icondrweegee1337: "Sweetie Belle dressed up as a mage from Magicka for Nightmare Night".… = not even started.

:iconrifles125: "Twilight and Derpy on some crazy adventure into an old abandon temple. But they are follow by a unknown figure." = not even started.


How old are you?

I am 17 years old (Birthday: March the 3rd).

Can you draw my character(s) for me?

I’m afraid I don’t do free requests (anymore).
But I am open for Commissions.

What programs/tools do you use to draw?

I use Adobe Photoshop CS5, both for 2D animations and art.
But I use Adobe Flash CS5 for Flash animations.

How long have you been drawing for?

I've been drawing since I was 5, and I’ve been doing digital art since 2008.

What inspires you to draw?

I listen to many movie soundtracks. I also browse websites for good references, so those inspire me as well!

Is it true that you are autistic?


Can I draw your characters?

Of course you may! Giftarts really makes my day.

Can I use your pictures for my blog/video?

Depends. If you give credit and link back to the source, then it is ok.
But if you don't, then I'm going to report you.

How do you use reference for your artwork(s)?

I have the pitcure I use as reference next to the Photoshop window I draw my artwork. I often zoom in to 1600% so the lines gets steadier (25% "Flow", 2 px brush).

From what country do you come from?


Can I post your NSFW art to a NSFW site?


How long have you been a fan of Friendship is magic?

I became a MLP fan somewhere in the summer 2011.

What would your reaction be if I said that I don’t like you or your art?

I would just shrug my shoulders.

Will you draw any NSFW of My little pony?

I will never draw any NSFW of a character from a movie, book or show for children.

Who’s your favorite singer?
Myrra Malmberg.

Who’s your favorite character from My little pony and why?

Princess Luna, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash and Derpy Hooves, because they all remind me of myself and how I am around other people.

Can we be friends?

Er, let’s know eachother first, shall we?

Are you lesbian, bisexual or straight?

At first I was lesbian but when I was around the age of 12 or 13 I saw myself as bi.

Who are your favorite artists and why?

Too many to count.

What do you support?
I support the Dr.Drakken X Shego pairing, Feminism, Yamimash, SSU, Gay Rights, Human Rights, MarkiplierGAME, the underrated singer Myrra Malmberg and Animal Rights.

What do you not support?
Racism, Religion, Sexism, PewDiePie, Astrid Lindgren, Islamphobia, Homophobia, Theft, Terrorism, War, Rape, Bestiality, the Kigo (Shego x Kim Possible) pairing and Pedophilia.

Where can I find you on other websites?

VK.Com ->
Pixiv.Com ->
FurAffinity ->…
FaceBook Page ->…


 photo Huo-Appearingfinished_zpsf511d295.gif photo Huorunningupward_zps3a5c4870.gif photo ShegoplusSibunaattackfla_zpscc53b21d.gif photo HUOcomingtowardsyou_zps244b1618.gif photo Kim-Possible-and-Huo_zps6c7c5455.gif photo Triple-Dreamsbanner_zps9748ee3e.gif photo HuoandKim_zpseac7f9c5.gif photo 1000_zpsde3c50f3.gif photo Meditation_zps32a45b20.gif photo png-1_zps9f4ceae0.gif photo Lonely-Heart_zps6b4e8d22.gif


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